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Anna is an beautiful performer who always engages and entertains! We’ve worked together many years so I can endorse she is a highly professional and motivating instructor.

Anna has a joy and confidence that brings inspiration to all in her presence and I have every faith in her!”

 Thanh Bui – Director of Soul Academy and Top 8 Australian Idol Finalist.


There is a lot to like about singing lessons with Anna. She is without a doubt professional in what she teaches you, you’re able to learn new techniques that you might not have known before starting. Anna is encouraging and makes you feel comfortable during the lesson.

I personally have learnt and achieved a lot of things that I never learnt previously or knew I was capable of.  Lessons with Anna has helped me to learn about breathing properly, I have also learnt about different techniques that help me to sound better and most importantly I have learnt to become a better performer, not just a singer.

In a short amount of time I have achieved a lot of my goals, like participating in singing competitions and performing at events for the school. This coming January another goal will be accomplished when I go into the recording studio to record my own songs, which Anna has been working with me to prepare for and who encouraged me to do so.

Singing is a big part of my life, the lessons help me to improve every part of my voice and I am still learning so much, but with the help and support from Anna I will be able to achieve many more things in the future.”  

Elle Scott  Recording Artist and student of Speech Pathology.


I started singing lessons with Anna after a decade break from school choirs. I have learnt to improve my technique by understanding how my body works to make sound, hearing the different components and learning to correct the muscle movements to achieve the sound I’m looking for.

I enjoy hearing the sound of my singing improving and the confidence I’m gaining which allows me to try different things and have fun with it all.”

Lauren Paini – Singing student.