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What to look for in a singing teacher!

Whenever I have a student unable to continue lessons due to a change in location, I’m always quick to encourage them to find a new teacher as soon as possible so they will not lose momentum in their progress. Today I’m sharing with you the advice I give to my own students when looking for a good singing teacher.

Before I get into what to look out for, I’m going to address the benefits of why a singing teacher is needed in the first place.

Teacher with student

Besides the fact that even amazing vocalists can have some really damaging and bad habits, a good singing teacher can provide:

  • An unbiased, outside ear: Having someone to tell you what they are hearing, and more importantly how to fix an issue, is a fantastic resource to have. Moreover, when sound reverberates inside the various cavities of the skull what you can hear is different to what can be heard on the outside. In other words, the sound you hear isn’t 100% true to the sound actually being produced.
  •  Performance opportunities: Singing teachers will usually have at least a few connections when it comes to getting their students on stage. These may vary between singing competitions, school concerts, as well as community and industry events. If your goal is to get through a first performance, or to try out new material on a crowd who isn’t a paying audience, these connections can be particularly useful.
  • Motivation: Just like a personal trainer may keep a client on track with their goals, so can a skilled singing teacher. If you know you have an appointment coming up with someone who is a professional in their field, chances are you will be more likely to practice in order to show this person that you’ve been doing your homework. The byproduct of this practice is that you’ll also be improving!

I’ve created a video that goes into added detail and it highlights what exactly to look out for in a singing teacher.

I outline important factors such as:

  • Musicality.
  • Ability to give instruction.
  • Ability to answer questions and provide a good range of exercises.

Also note if the singing lessons you are looking for are not for you, but for a minor, you may want to study up on what requirements teachers need in order to be left alone with them. Singing lessons are often of a private and individual nature, in Australia at least, teachers must have some form of working with children check.

Vocal coaches really do have a lot of work cut out for them, hopefully you’ll be able to find one in your area. If not take a look online, technologies such as Skype have really opened up the gates for learning opportunities. You can also follow me via EmailFacebookYouTube and Twitter, to receive regular tips and tricks on becoming a better singer. If you have anything extra to add feel free to comment, your thoughts are very welcome and I will happily respond when possible.

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