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Vocal Myth Busting (Part One)

                  This weeks post is Part One of a Two Part series aimed at busting some commonly held Vocal Myths. In this series I’m hoping to clear up a few questions and misconceptions I often hear on a regular basis in my role as a Vocal Coach.  These are: If I’m a naturally good singer, but
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3 Easy Singing Warm-Ups ANYONE Can Do!

Today I’m sharing three easy warm-ups to help you best prepare your voice before use. These tips are so simple that pretty much anyone can do them while using very limited resources. Lastly, if you’re not a singer these warms are still useful as they are fantastic for teachers, office workers, and anyone else whose work requires extensive use of their voice. In fact
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What to look for in a singing teacher!

Whenever I have a student unable to continue lessons due to a change in location, I’m always quick to encourage them to find a new teacher as soon as possible so they will not lose momentum in their progress. Today I’m sharing with you the advice I give to my own students when looking for a good singing teacher. Before I get into what to look
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What Is ‘Neutral Larynx’?

I remember back when I first started voice lessons, I’d read articles and books about singing that would mention ‘neutral larynx’ and never really understand what it all meant. I know now that that’s because it’s a difficult concept for a beginner to comprehend, especially since at that stage there are still so many factors not quite working together for you yet. For me
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One Simple Thing Most Singers Forget to Do!

One bad habit I see a lot that makes a big difference in the way we singers use our voice, is that often we don’t open our mouths enough when taking our in-breaths. Why is this so important? Because opening your mouth and taking in air is the very first step in a chain of steps when producing sound. Opening and relaxing the jaw
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